Copy and pasting clips - insert only?

I often create a colour clip with text and re-use it by using the timeline copy and paste.
It saves having to change things as I just paste then change the text.
This works ok, as long as I work from left to right along the time line.
If I go back and paste another, it inserts it, but it pushes subsequent clips to the right, messing up my timings.

Is there a way to use overwrite with paste instead of insert?

Use the overwrite button v or keyboard shortcut B

Thanks - what I missed was the basic understanding that copy or ‘c’ copies to the source player and that b (overwrite) and v (insert) are pasting from the source player.

It isn’t like a traditional copy and paste, because it goes via the source player.

Using the keyboard shortcuts rather than clicking icons also now makes more sense.

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