Copy a particular filter from one section to another

I have a video in the timeline.
I have two sections (created with “s”-key).
In section one I have 5 filters.
In section two I have no filter.

What I want:
I want to copy the second filter of section one to section two.

What I have tried:
I mark section 1 and there I mark the first filter. Then I click the copy button. I change to section two. Go to filter tab and click the “insert” button.

My expectation was, that I now have this one filter also in section two.
But I found, that I now have all filters from section one in section two.

Question: Is there a way only to copy one particular filter?

Thank you.

I guess currently it is not possible to do that.

A direct copy of one filter among other filters in one clip, to only paste 1 filter to another clip, not possible.

Save a filter as a preset, then you can select the saved filter preset in another clip. This also works among other projects.

Saving a filter setting as a preset. After you have the desired settings, click the plus sign.

Alternative method would be to copy that clip to another new track, delete all other filters you don’t want copied, copy filter that you do want, then paste into other clip. Then delete the new track.

Thank you Hudson555x. Both are somewhat inconvenient. But it works.

No need to copy clip to another track. Just copy and paste filters, and then delete the pasted filters you do not want. That is not so terribly inconvenient.

Thank you for this idea.

But what if I have 8 filters in “Clip 1” and I also already have 6 filters in “Clip 2”. And now I want to copy ONE specific filter from “Clip 1” to “Clip 2”. Won’t the 8 pasted filters then mix with the 6 filters that already exist in “Clip 2”? If yes, then it is a complicated job to find out which are now the pasted filters, which are the existing filters and which are the 5 pasted filters that need to be deleted. Especially if the filters are of the same type.

Yes, but all filters get copied to the bottom for ease of reference (so the last 8 filters are the copied ones).
If this is a one off then not a big deal, just delete the other 7 (takes about 10 seconds).
If this is a filter you plan to re-use throughout your project, then do what @Hudson555x suggested and make a preset or copy to a new track and remove all unwanted filters before copying.

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