Copy a keyframe to another point within same keyframe timeline

Hi …
Is there a way in SC to copy a key frame from 1 point to another point in the keyframe timeline?

See attached … in yellow arrow move to red cross position.


Copy/Paste the values.



What you suggested does not seems to work … when you press Ctrl-C it comes out of keyframe and copy entire frame and append to timeline !!

I think @sauron said is probably true … you can’t copy keyframe points to another position.
Well … just need to rekey in …

All you’re doing it copying from one keyframe’s value here, and placing the playhead to another location and pasting in the value.


Now I understand what you saying … sorry misunderstood earlier.
So you are suggesting copy “specific” values in each keyframe point attributes … to another keyframe.
I suppose this is what I am doing now … gets tedious when you have many attributes and multi filter to copy each atttribute at a time…
Wonder if we can have 2 windows open both keyframes points’ attribute like your diagram for same keyframe timeline, so easier to copy value by value. Will try out …

Thanks Hudson for advising …

It’s easier to take a screenshot of the filter panel and input the values manually, rather than seeking back and forth and copy/pasting the values.


@sauron, yes that’s great idea … it was so tedious flip flopping to copy / paste.

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