Copied filters are applied incorrectly

When I copy a filter/set of filters from one piece of the video into another one, they do not apply correctly. Particularly, Audio and Video fade out are not applied to the end of the video. Instead, video may fade out somewhere in the middle, or not fade out at all. As I understand, the fade out is applied at the same time point of the video as it was at the original (the one it was copied from), although intend is of course to apply it at the end of the video irregardless of its duration.
Is it possible to change it somehow so that fade out will always be applied at the end of video clip when copied from another clip?
Thank you.

Just use the throbber rather than the filter, far simpler imho.
It fades video and audio together and adds to the applied filters list.

And will it copy it to other clips correctly? I normally do videos out of ~20+ clips, that’s why copy feature could be handy.

Doubt it…

Yeah, I tried, it didn’t.

I believe I had similar problems when copying filters. I am not sure because it did not seem quite consistent, but from what I remember, the first copy did work correctly, but the second or the third did not. And yes, the problem first appeared on fade outs rather than on fade ins, so that when I checked I missed some failed filters because I checked only the beginning of the resulting clips.

My memories are pretty long-term, though, so the situation may have changed since. Also, I believe the devs are planning to work on a bug which affects working directly (as opposed to using the timeline), so that quite possibly correcting this bug could affect the filter bug too.