Cool 3D flying tile

I have created a new tutorial on how to use Shotcut to create a cool 3D flying title.
Check the video description for a link to the project files and resources.


@TimLau Great tutorial - have you made any tutorial for that matrix and breaking effects? If you have, then kindly share them. Thank you so much :smiley:

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It is a Gnome Shell Extention (Linux) called “Burn my Windows”

Where you can set the animation used for showing a new window and closing a window.

The irony - Burn My ‘Windows 7’ - that’s what I use :rofl:

Thanks for the info

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It is possible to use HTML/CSS/Javascript to do something similar in a browser window, hence on any operating system, not just Linux. I created this some years ago when Shotcut had the Text: HTML filter included and could do it with that filter. With later versions of Shotcut that did not have this filter I resorted to using OBS to record the “browser source”. As an example just click on this link: Fragmentation


@Elusien you are a genius - I do have some knowledge of HTML & CSS - but none of Javascript.

Have you made this function as a utility like the map routing utility? I am sure you have many such utilities that you have made in the past.

I made quite a few utilities available when Shotcut supported WebVfx via the Text: HTML (or as it was previously called HTML: Overlay). Support for this was discontinued after version 20.07.11, when Shotcut upgraded the version of Qt that it used. See here (under webvfx) for some of them: Shotcut - Elusien's Contributions

I keep the 20.07.11 version for doing some animations, but mainly I run HTML animations in OBS Studio, which can record videos with an alpha channel (transparency) from HTML animations as a “browser source”.

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So the code provided at your website should be saved to the local pc, then opened in a browser to record the animations using OBS Studio - am I correct?

Yes. The wbvfx.js library has to be stored in a folder, then the HTML in the same folder, as shown in the examples. You can then run this in a browser and use a screen-recorder like Sharex to record the browser window, or use the HTML as a browser-source in OBS Studio. OBS Studio allows you to save the alpha-channel information, but Sharex does not. You can also use the HTML in a Text: HTML filter in version 20.07.11 and record the video to feed as a clip into the latest version of Shotcut.

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Brilliant Stuff - thank you so much :smiley: