Convert to edit friendly

Hi there, can I use the edit file without change to edit friendly format… good better best…
to edit my movie?
Will it hurt the quality of the movie or will it use the quality of the movie itself do I need to change the movie format?
Thanks Dylen

Basically, there are certain types of video that are difficult for video editors like Shotcut to handle well. These are mostly videos that have Variable Frame Rates (VFR), rather than constant ones. So if you have a VFR video it is best to convert it to “edit-friendly”. If your video is a constant frame rate one, there is little advantage in converting it.

If you do convert and use the converted file, then the editor will no longer use your original file, so the quality (good, better, best) of your conversion could be important.

Thanks my footage video from flight sim (screen cupture) in 60 fps and 2560x2440 so I can’t improve my footage more than that, am I right?
because it take time to convert it to good better an best.

Basically, the answer is you can try without conversion, and if you have a problem then try converting it. You can convert later - instead of when the dialog automatically appears - by clicking Properties > Convert.

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