'Convert to edit friendly' fails in 19.04.30

Hi all,

just upgraded to Current Version: 19.04.30 and ran into that issue.
My video files are often captured with variable frame rate so Shotcut offers to ‘convert to edit friendly’ versions.

In 19.04.30 I tried all 3 options and each conversion failed.

Videos I recognized it are taken with Android app ‘AZ Screen Recorder’ (free) where I let choose the app the bit rate automatically.
UPDATE: These videos do not have an audio track! According to Pauls post below that might be the problem.

In version 19.02.28 the conversion was not an issue.

I am using the portable version.

Tried with same version but on a Mac and converted to edit friendly version of Prores.
All fine here.

Update to my previous post:

There is indeed something wrong with “convert to edit friendly”.
The test I did above was from fixed frame rate XDCAMHD to Prores.

I then tried a variable frame rate clip in h.264 and it failed.
I tried all three options as well and they all failed.

Another Update:

It seems that the problem lies with the audio, or rather the lack of it.
I see that SC does not pass the parameter/option “-map 0:a?” for audio.
Once I add the “?”, it converts no problem irrespective if the clip has an audio track or not.

Blockquote It seems that the problem lies with the audio, or rather the lack of it.

My videos I tested do not have audio too. So that might be it.

This has already been fixed for the next release v19.06

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