Convert to Edit-friendly and Proxy clip 💭?

What is the difference between the ‘Convert to Edit-friendly’ and ‘Proxy clip’ ?

For example, If I open a file with 1920x1080,
Then choose a ‘Convert to Edit-friendly’ option to lower resolution,

What happened?
Thank you :grinning: !

I think your question will be explained with this topic, especially post 9 is a very detailed answer: Intermediate Files for Editing

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Thank you for your reply anyway :sweat_smile:.

Austin’s post is too long and too complex to me,
since my body is not very good today, but
I still want to take some time to study ShotCut before I go for a break,
Maybe few days later, I will read Austin’s post carefully.

“Convert to Edit-friendly’” is an option that Shotcut offers to you automatically when it detects that you import a video clip with variable frame rate instead of constant frame rate. Variable frame rate means that the frames per second are changing throughout the whole clip whereas constant frame rate means that the frames per second are consistent throughout. Variable frame rate can make editing a problem because the edits won’t be so precise since the frame rate is always changing. So with the “Convert to Edit-friendly” Shotcut will take your video clip and convert it with constant frame rate instead at high quality video (there are 3 different degrees of quality options offered to you) so as to not go down in a generation of picture quality. You then take that new file created with “Convert to Edit-friendly” and use that in Shotcut.

Proxy clips are lower quality substitute clips that are meant as stand-ins for the original clips so that the playback in the editor runs faster than the original clips. So let’s say you want to edit some 4K video files but either your computer or the editor cannot fully handle it as it lags a lot. So you create proxy clips that are the same clips just in much lower quality in order to avoid any slowdown. Then when you are done with editing and right before you render and export your project you swap the lower quality proxy clips with the original files and the project will be come out exactly the same as if you were working with the original files the entire time.

A Proxy feature is being worked on for Shotcut but I don’t know when it will be finished.


Thank you for your much friendly explanation :smiley: !

I’ve felt better after fall asleep (since some sick) for hours and see your answer,
to my knowledge now,
this “Convert to Edit-friendly’” means create a new clip to replace original,
and use it for editing in ShotCut.

If my concept for this is not correct, please tell me!

Yes, and it not only solves the issue with variable frame rate. Some formats or files are not read correctly, it reduces latency on seeking over most compressed files, and it also can improve accuracy of edits for some files due to their compression.

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