Context menu "Open containing folder" (open path in file browser)

For playlist items, a command “open containing folder” would be very handy, either as context menu, and/or as icon in the details-view. Similar already exists in the list-of-jobs. So it should be ery easy to realize.

If technically possible, the same option would be useful also in “properties” for the timeline items.

(file path is already visible as tooltipp, but copying in clipboard is not possible, and doing this manually is extra work anyway).

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This is already in the menu button in Properties. It could be added in Playlist as well.

I found it, thank you!
(it works with timeline items > properties > menu, and with playylist items > properties > menu).

I was looking for it directly in the context menu of playlist items (right-mouse button). Maybe good to have it here.

For exported items of the the job list, it is implemented as context menu. It would be good to have it the same way for the items of playlist. Also it misses for edit-friendly-converted items in the job list. This too would be good to have.