Context Menu Change Request / remove-track

Please remove “Remove Track” from the clip-area (empty clip area) of the timeline, and only have it exist in the left-side track-properties area.

It is overly-easy to mistake remove-track for remove-clip, making an easy loss of much work including the inability to restore track filters (which i already understand is the updates to-do track).

Nope, sorry, I decline. There are two completely different context menus in Timeline. One is when you right-click a clip and you get the clip context menu, and the other is when you do not right-click a clip and you get the Timeline menu. (Actually, there is a third kind for right-click on a gap.) They are very different. Maybe it would be better to add a confirmation dialog.

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confirmation dialog not necessary unless a working “undo” is too far in the future.
i look forward to a working undo, thank you!

Support for track filters on undo/redo Remove Track is actually a different kind of effort than general undo support for filters. For the Remove Track action, it is the integration of something like the copy/paste filters that already exists: copy before removing, paste on undo. So, I bookmarked this to try to get it into the first release of 2020.

Restoring track filters on undoing Remove Track is fixed for the next version 19.12. I was working on undo bug fixes for the release tomorrow when I saw some code was in place for this, but not working obviously. I found a bug fix for version 18.09 broke this. So, this is actually a bug and fixed.

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