Constant crashing and text boxes not showing


If you find this (above post), sliding the green tarball to the left will make the text appear again.


If your project does not involve keyframes, I believe version 18.03 is a pretty stable version so you could try reverting to that.


Thanks, appreciate the suggestion. Once I stop it from crashing I’ll be happy to check on this and experiment - it crashes pretty quick, just not enough time to do anything useful at all - like, we’re talking a few seconds.


No problem. Just to let you know it doesn’t crash on my system. Well, not frequently, just sometimes… Good luck!


Thanks. It’s been a rare thing until this catastrophic fail - couldn’t have picked a worse time! lol…funny not funny…


You could report the crash in more detail here (maybe send a crash log?) and see if anyone can help. (Unfortunately not me - I haven’t got the technical skills to help with that type of thing…)
I noticed a few guidelines here which may be useful:


Thanks for the suggestion and the links.
Appreciated! :slight_smile:


No, it is not. “Tarball” is another zip-like archive format optionally with compression. The bars you are referring to are the filter trimming controls - green for filter-start (aka in) and red for filter-end (out).


That is a very bad sign. There is nothing in the update that could cause this. This is a sign of a possible incompatibility between Shotcut and your video card/chip. It might explain your frequent crashes. Or, possibly you were expecting to see the old splash screen and branding. Now, it is supposed to be square-ish and look like the icon (see top of this page, for example).


The words are chopped off. It’s definitely a glitch.
It only presented that way since the 2nd last update. There is no change in my PC that I’m aware of from when it was all working fine before.
Meanwhile, one of the links provided by jonray suggested testing if the issue occurs with different project files.
So I opened it and left it open for ages without opening any file, and it didn’t crash. Then I opened a file from a different project and date, and it opened, and I could play it. Then I went to close it to try opening another, and it went to ‘Not responding’ and then it crashed. Seems it just wants to keep going A.W.O.L. - anyway, somehow this sort of seems like possible progress. I will keep experimenting.
What’s weird is if I completely uninstalled, and removed previous installer files from my Download folder, and reinstall as if for the first time, it makes no sense. Nothing is different with my PC - unless there is some weird glitch going on that I don’t know about? If I was to ask my I.T. person to investigate, any ideas as to what could be checked? Can video cards/chips corrupt or die? (Windows 10)


Oops, sorry. I live and learn… Thanks for putting me straight.


Update - Suddenly had the thought (d’oh) to download Shotcut to my back up/travel laptop and so far that’s going okay, so it means I can get on with editing, and so it looks like my Dell PC has spat the dummy. There are a few other issues arising (separate from ShotCut) so it looks like it’s time to take it to the doctor. Hopefully this will sort it.
Thanks for your support. :slight_smile:


I’m having the same problems.

Splash screen:


Text is there but does not appear even in editor. Tried changing font size, color, type, text position, nothing happens.

I find out that creating a new text filter and setting everything manually to what it was in the previous filter, it will work. As these are captions that I’ve put in the entire video, I will have a long night here to fix everything.


I inserted a new text field and set it as the previous one for comparison:

Fixed it! Tried a little bit to edit the .mlt, then I understood that the problem is with a new feature, keyframes. So if I click the keyframes button (at the right side of position parameters), text will magically show up again. After that, I can remove the keyframes.

I have a screenshot showing that, but can’t upload it here because as a new user I can only reply 3 times and send a single image every reply. So, imagine it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Yes, that’s what I see with the opening graphic. (I tried to grab a screen shot but it was too quick.)
However, I still see this when on my laptop where it is working fine, and the shape is as was advised earlier in the thread, so perhaps it just looks weird and incomplete but that this is as it is intended. (I have a professional background in marketing, image and branding, and never would I have imagined that this could be an intended end result, but anyways, the main thing is it works on my laptop.)


I’m having no problems with the text on my laptop, and am currently arranging support for my desktop to check the video card. Though thanks for the info from all you did to work it through.


@Willian_Cruz Is this a project that you started in a older version of Shotcut before keyframes were added? As you can see the format of the “geometry” property changed in XML between “old” and “new.” More than likely, that change is causing the problem.


That is the correct splash screen.


Sorry for your hardware troubles. Seems you are in a professional context, so there is hope.

Re the splash screen I want to throw in my two cents for balance: Even the name ShotCUT is nicely represented in the logo and splash screen. Having something “exotic” or unexpected is good in a world flooded with logos. Many companies and products struggle to even visualize “what they do”.

I remember from my school days how film would somethings rip and then we would need to make clean cuts and tape it. Never did film editing on a physical cutting table (luckily). Until today the German word for movie editing is “schneiden” = “cutting” rather than “kleben” = “pasting”. So the logo is very appropriate to me.