Congratulations for this excellent video editing software

Not to mention previewing a 4k video project !
I don’t know but even my crappy hp stream laptop on linux and shotcut could do better than premiere can on my desktop pc.
Compare them yourself if you don’t believe me.
I’m using linux as my only operating system since 2009 but i’m testing it since 1999 with slackware linux
and i had it dual boot until 2009 that i decided to stop using windows , right now with windows 10 i can’t even use windows 10 even if i was forced or paid to do it !!!
For real ! The only use i have for windows 10 is when i want to update my bios logo photo to match my favorite distro at the time , then i have to use windows 10 for updating the bios logo !
I should make a comparison video between shotcut and premiere on windows 10 to see how crappy it performs when you add several layers of video and applying effects !!!

Newest kdenlive version has no problems at all its a nice software too i used to work on kdenlive .
You can do very much things with Shotcut
You just need to learn the proper positioning of mask effects cause you may want to make a video with mirror/glass/cloudy transitions that are so popular nowadays !

Well as i said earlier i don’t like these software , because i will not upgrade my system as it is now (except if i win the lottery) and because of that i will have crappy performance on these applications. Yes they have some convieniences and you can find a ton of templates but i don’t care i can do whatever i need with shotcut and kdenlive so i don’t care.
Also i don’t want to use them anyway cause i’m not using windows simple as that !
Windows for me has one purpose on my pc and that is to change my bios photo , the photo that is being displayed when my pc is booting !
I like the simplicity of free software it gives you peace of mind .

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