Concerning a feature in Shotcut

what is meant by ripple deletion? or even ripple for that matter? hopefully if i learn what it is i can use it to my advantage…thank you for your time.

Ripple means the action affects all of the following clips. It is a popular term used in English video tools and comes from the ripple effect that occurs when you throw a rock into a pond of water.

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i’m not exactty sure i understand…lets see if i may have a partial handle on the definition…for example, i was editing six hours, (yes six, with the new build…and i managed to pull it off), of resource…i edited three hours down to about an hour, all on the timeline, deleted the last half of the video, exported as an .mp4, then reopened the .mlt and continued editing the second half of the video…in the process, (after re-opening the .mlt), i was deleting the first half of the .mlt clip by clip to get to the last half of the video. i was noticing that as i would delete, (lift with the delete key), a clip, the following clip would highlight and pressing the delete key again would lift the clip from the timeline, (and so on-and so forth), until i got to the desired portion of the video…is this an example of rippling or am i misunderstanding the definition?

i looked up the feature as it applies to other software, (video and audio), and it looks like it’s something i’m going to have to play with on other projects before i actually, “get it”, as it were. the how to videos were helpful, but not all that helpful…i almost have what i consider to be enough material to actually begin a youtube channel…so as my understanding of shotcut grows…so will future tutorials…as usual, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, see if you can understand the ripple by seeing the following video I made:

I hope it helps.

thanks…i took this as a clue and went and read up on english video editors and techniques…i’ve been practicing…i’ll get it eventually

it sure didn’t hurt…actually i’ve seen your videos several times while i was trying to figure it all out…without audio i HAD to watch them several times just to sorta get it…i think i may have gotten the gist of how multi-track rippling happens, so i’ll keep practicing…thanks

Thank you. Very useful.