Compressor ist not working at 18.07

The Compressor doesn’t work. I hear no effekt and the gain reduction at the filter stands at 0.

did it worked before for you?
Can you reinstall previous version and check?

Hallo, i did start with the 18.07, so i can’t tel you if it woket before.
If somenone here, in which the compressor works, it may be useful to make a short video and explaning the filter elements.

First, are you sure you don’t need the Gain filter instead?
Compressor effect is something else.

Ex definition “compression reduces the dynamic range of your recording by bringing down the level of the loudest parts, meaning the loud and quiet parts are now closer together in volume and the natural volume variations are less obvious.”

Yes - your definition i would like to use.
My spoken video should be consistently the same volume.

I made a test: Only the “make up gain” control shows an effect from the compressor.
It makes it louder of course - but the other controls have no effekt.

A compressor is great for things like movies where you can have a spoken, quiet, dialogue one moment and a bombastic explosion the next. Whether the result of a bad downmix or intentionally set up so, it’s really annoying when trying to watch a movie at home. The compressor would make the spoken dialogue a little louder so that you can lower the volume on e.g. the TV and not wake the neighborhood when the explosion sound comes.

It’s not so good when you have multiple clips, or if spoken dialogue is the vast majority as you also lose some nuance in the sound, while most of the changes in volume levels aren’t going to trigger the Compressor settings much.

If you have multiple clips, I’d recommend applying a Normalize filter first to at least get the overall volume around the same level. Then adjust the Gain/Volume of each to your liking. Only after that, export, import the new file that has all the audio combined, and apply a Compressor if you feel it would make a difference.
Some of this is more easily done in e.g. Audacity, but if you’re editing video clips then the above workflow may work better.

Just to add since your last reply - they do have an effect, but it is subtle and will depend greatly on the relative volume levels between fractions of time within the source. The difference between the 10dB gain only, and the more nuanced settings in the above linked clip, for example, is just this (the two audio clips are sample-aligned, so the difference is not from phase differences):

I.e. changes mostly where the volume changed drastically enough to trigger some of the detailed Compressor settings.

Thanks for your answer. I know how a compressor works. I have a home studio…

I only wanted a perfect level f.e. in this video. Peaks down an so on.

Not only suptil. Real to hear an to see at the level meter.
Like in Audacity, Cubase or other audio programms.

Shotcut makes it not, at the moment.

Best regards, Stefan