Composite / Transparency Lost

Hello, I was right in the middle of subtitleing my movie, when the “Composite” mode of the track failed me. (dont like the subtitle function in SC, cause its as long as the clip).

The subtitles are on transparent PNGs made with Photoshop, and where shown correctly up to a point, then never again.

I started with Mac (where it failed) and checked with Windows 7. In both cases, clicking on composite in the track did not help. Rendering did not change that either, so no preview (or so) issue.

Best Fabian

Apply subs as a new video track rather than applying to the clip.
This has been explained a few times on the forum and YouTube.

Steps to repeat??

Hi Steve,

well yes the PNGs were placed in a new video track an the Composite Option active, showing the stack of sheets in the left of the video track. Toggling it doesnt have any effect.

And basically it did work for a while, and now the PNGs are all black.


Perhaps some confusion. I am referring to your comment about the SC title displaying for the full length of the clip.
The method to control duration of a title over a specific clip is to copy a section of the clip to a new video track and add the title to that. This way you can also use fade-in/fade-out of the title.

I can’t repeat that here. Does it fail even when exported, or only preview?
Can you supply one of your png files for testing?
How long is your project and at what point does it fail?