complete newbie having problems with reviving a saved timeline

I have a feeling this is a really dumb question and I’m doing something wrong that should be simple but I can’t figure out what and it’s driving me crazy. I open various mp4 files in the playlist and then select clips from them to drag into the timeline to add transitions. I then want to save the timeline to continue adding clips/editing at a later date so I use the ‘Save as’ to save as an .mlt file. The problem I’m having is getting the saved timeline back into Shotcut to continue work on it. When I drag the .mlt file into the playlist I get a dialogue saying ‘The project has been modified. Do you want to save your changes?’ I have tried clicking both Yes and No at various times but the result is the same. There is a white rectangular thumbnail in the playlist with the name ‘tractor’ and I lose complete access to my saved clips. Occasionally I get a preview screen with pretty pink and white stripes. Solutions please?

Have you tried File>Open MLT as Clip?

In any case, I never drag an MLT to the playlist, I simply double-click the MLT.

Actually sounds like File/Open File is what you need.


Double-clicking the .mlt and selecting shotcut.exe is also good (maybe even better?) You can also drag the mlt file onto shotcut.exe if you have them both visible in two explorer windows for example.

I have no problems when dragging an mlt into the source viewer - I only do this when I just started shotcut though.

Yes, it is expected that you can open .mlt XML as a project by dropping it onto the Player area. There is no special case handling for dropping it onto the playlist panel. I will need to do something there like reject it or treat it as a virtual clip.

This is done for next release. MLT XML file dropped onto Playlist is made into a virtual clip.

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Many thanks for your help with this one. I had tried the ‘File/Open MLT XML as Clip’ option to open my saved .mlt timeline and it didn’t work but I suspect that was after I had screwed up by trying to drag the file directly into the playlist which refused to open. Anyway so far so good.