Commercial use for fonts

Hello. I know Shotcut is free for commercial use, but what about if we use a text filter (e.g. HTML > two column scroll and then change the font).
Are all the fonts free to use for commercial use ?
Thanks a lot if you have the answer to my question.
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It is my understanding that Shotcut itself does not offer any fonts for you to use. The only fonts you can use are the fonts on your system. So basically if you yourself have downloaded a font, you can use it in your Shotcut project. But you must adher to the licensing agreement that you accepted when you downloaded that font.

Thank you for your answer.
But when you edit a two column scroll text filter for example, you have the possibility to select and modify the font (by name).
Does it mean they are not included in Shotcut and I can’t use any of them for commercial use ?
Sorry if my english is not good, this isn’t my main language.
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You can only change the name of the font to one that is on your system. i.e. one that was already installed when bought your computer, or one that you have downloaded and installed yourself. Normally fonts that were pre-installed when you bought the system can be used for commercial purposes. However if you downloaded and installed a font yourself you need to check the licence of that font. e.g. some “free” fonts can be used for personal use (e.g. to use on your website, or to provide a flyer for your children’s school) but not commercial use, such as a video that you sell or monetize on social media.

Ok, although I am working on mac and after some research I don’t think any of the fonts included on the system are free for commercial use…

But thank you very much for your answer.

There should be no problem at all to use the fonts that were installed on your Mac when you purchased it.

See here:

Can OSX fonts be used commercially? - Apple Community.

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Oh, this is great news. Thanks a lot

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