Colors no longer Vibrant after latest update

So I make gaming videos, and after the most recent update I noticed that I will capture a video on the game system in full 4K HDR, and I would check the video and it looked great. However, when I pull that video into Shotcut, all the colors become dull?

Is anyone else having any issues like this? If so, is there a fix?

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A quick search of the forum reveals

I think that is the latest info on HDR but I’m sure HDR can be converted to SDR in Shotcut now.

A quick search of the broader internet world reveals that the answer is “Yes”.

The terms “HDR” and “washed out” seem to go hand in hand.

As one technical article put it:
“In principle, conversions between HDR formats are non-trivial operations that may impact artistic intent and/or introduce visible artifacts… …Encoding of videos in HDR formats currently requires the use of HEVC video codec, operating in Main10 profile, and using 10-bit pixels. Such codec, profile and bit-depth parameters must be defined for all HDR outputs.”

A public domain illustration which graphically illustrates the problems involved is found in this enlightening Wikipedia article.

HDR goes farther into the areas greyed-out in this graph of the total theoretically possible color-space than the usual codecs do. (sRGB shown in color)

In 21.01.29 you can choose Properties > Convert to Edit-friendly -> Advanced -> Convert to BT.709 colorspace

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Thanks for the update, although I do find this frustrating. Because I had no issues with the quality before on HDR games. I also don’t have a beefy computer, so now before I can eveb start editing I have to go through this new step which takes an hour for a 4 min video, then I have to put it in proxy mode, which will take another hour.

Thanks for the info, just find it frustrating that I had no issues before on the previous version.

Shotcut has always handled HDR the same way. Maybe you changed something in the way you capture your video?

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