Color Grading Filter bug extending lenght of a clp

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I’m experiencing the following bug:

  1. Split a clip
  2. Add color grading filter
  3. Extend the clip length afterwards (I changed my mind :slight_smile:)

If I do so, the color grading filter is only applied for the initial length. The extended length part is not color graded. I’m not sure, if this issue also occurs with other filters…

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Works fine for me with Version 18.06.02
Not quite sure step 3 would be a bug though as the filters probably are not deigned to work this way. I have been known to be very wrong in the past.

Shotcut version??

Sorry for my incomplete bug report. I experienced this with 18.06.02. Now I just updated to 18.07.02 and with a first simple test I was not able to reproduce the issue again.
I’ll do some more testing and post back here if I’m able to reproduce the issue again.

The error still seams to exist. You can see the issue in the video below. I only recognized the issue after I exported the whole video and the realized that it’s also there in shotcut.
As I remember I changed the color grading and moved the certain clip to another position. I did not change the size or anything else as I remember.

Some more details:

Shotcut Version number: 18.07.02

Shotcut Settings
GPU Effects (Experimental): disabled
Video Mode: 1080 29.97p
Display Method: Automatic

Operating System: Windows 10 1709

Computer Specifications
Processor: i7-3632QM 2.2Ghz
Installed Physical Memory (RAM): 8GB

Source File(s) Specifications
Codec/Extension types: (H.264 MP4)
Resolution: 1080p
Frame rate: 29.97fps (shotcut says variable, but I’m not sure if this is accurate))
Bit rate: 24Mbit/s

04.07.2018 Bonistock - Short Edit - Color Grading Bug Clip 3.mlt (39.5 KB)

Probably the issue could be related to this one:

Cannot repeat the reported issue in either of those scenarios using latest version under windows10 64bit

Try this with just one clip in a new project.
Properties window, convert3



When you convert the files to an edit friendly version, do you still get the same results as before? Note: this will not harm your source files, as this just makes a new file easier to edit with.

The video only shows the problem and not any steps that lead to the problem. The steps are important. I used the above information with v18.08 to try to reproduce it, but I did not. I opened a timeline project, deleted (lift) a clip to create a gap. Then, I applied Color Grading filter to another clip and made some clearly visible changes. Next, I dragged the clip to the gap (and over another clip). Lastly, I checked the clip and the filter was active for the entire duration of it. If you face this situation, you can select the clip and check the Keyframes panel to see if the filter was trimmed (controls when the filter becomes active and inactive).