Coding problems after fiddeling with advanced settings

I was exporting a lot of videos by just using the default youtube codec and shotcut seemed to - albeit some compression - mirror the resolution, bitrate and frame rate of the source video.
I tried to fiddle and expermeting with diffrent compression rates and resolutions and since then when just trying to export with the defualt youtube codec the resolution frame rate and so on gets very weired values.
The old settings i experimteted seemed to have replaced the defualt settings and when i export - even with the defualt youtube codec - i get numbers such as 120-900 fps, 910000 kb/sec and such. The only thing that seems to work is the resolution. What i notice also is that the video quality is significantly worse than the source video: it’s more blurry and the colours are more pale.

Is there a way to revert back to defualt youtube codec setting’s so that it just mirrors the source file agian?

One more note: before i used to just drag the video from the windows folder directly into playlist and then create a new video/audio-track; then drag the video from the playlist there.
I’ve tried to create a new project as 1080p30fps but i still get these werid numbers and noticable decrease in video quality.
Thank you in advance.

Restart Shotcut and click the YouTube export preset.

so that it just mirrors the source file agian?

It never mirrors the source file except possibly in the area of resolution, aspect ratio, and frame rate when using automatic video mode.

I cannot help you with your other “weird” results as there is not enough info, and I believe this is operator error and not a problem in Shotcut.

Thank you i got solved.
Think all the problem stem from me selecting 30 fps when the video 29.094; that’s why i got the weird bitrates, tried it agian with other videos too.
Everything is working fine now, great program.

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