Clubhouse promotions using Shotcut

Hello all,

I want to start putting a few promotions up onto an existing large SmartTV we have up on the wall in our clubhouse.

I have access to videos and stills, and was wondering if Shotcut is the kind of platform where I can create something where the videos are playing continuously on 2/3rds of the screen, whilst I set up a slideshow kind of feature on the remaining 1/3rd showing latest offers, news and features of the club.

Thanks in advance.


Yes. Shotcut has all of the tools you need.

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Hi Jonathan,
Probably this tutorial could help you to get the expected results:

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Wow. Thank you both. And this is all free? It looks incredible.

Yes, all for free :slight_smile:
Incredible: Yes, it is!!

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Shotcut does not play something continuously indefinitely. However, you can make what you want to show, export it as a video file, and then play the exported result in a media player that can loop indefinitely.

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@JonathanR Shotcut is a fantastic editor, however if you need more scheduling and things of that nature and have a spare PC I’ve had excellent results mixing videos from shotcut with Risevision( at the free tier as a signage platform(I’ve found smart tv’s lacking for a lot of things…)

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Once again thanks for the answers on this. I have been having a watch of some of the tutorials and I am going to have a go this weekend at setting something up.

You also might want to look at VLC Media Player
You can create play lists with VLC if you’re looking something that’s free.

hey rise is free too :stuck_out_tongue: but yes I use VLC for non internet connected players regularly with the boot options on startup, bitch to change if you get past 3 or 4 though

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