Clips shrinking in timeline

I’ll just simplify the description.

I had clips “A”, “B” and “C” to add to the timeline from the playlist but “C” was to be played at 4x. I added “A” to the timeline, I changed the playback speed of “C” to 4x and added it after “A”. I realized that I should have added “B” then 4x “C” so I removed (right-click Remove) “C” from the timeline, then added “B” and then changed “C” to 4x and added it.

When I played the timeline, “A” had been shortened significantly even though I hadn’t touched it after I added it to the timeline.

So I abandoned the timeline and rebuilt it again.

This same issue occurred in another video I pieced together from clips.

Linux Mint (up to date), Shotcut (up to date)

This just happened to me, ruining my entire timeline and losing a whole day’s worth of work. I had been happily saving the file thinking nothing was wrong, so I have to go back to yesterday’s version. And looks like this original report was 2 years ago. Can’t believe this hasn’t been infuriating other people since then.

Here’s my bug report:

I am not able to reproduce this bug, and it is almost 2 years old. So, closing. Fix it yourself and submit a patch.