Clip to show detailed frames

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First post here…

I have been using Shotcut a while; I think it is a fantastic program, light-weight program for video editing. I have used other, commercial programs in the past (like Adobe Premiere) but these became to expensive and filled with stuff I didn’t need.

What I did like in Premiere, however, was the fact that a video clip on the timeline would not just show a starting and end frame and solid blue emptiness in between like in Shotcut but different preview of video frames contained therein, depending on where your cursor is within the clip. The granularity of the preview slides shown would depend on the zoom level of the timeline. Is there any way to activate a similar view for video clips? This would greatly assist in the navigation within that clip.

I looked through postings in this forum and couldn’t find anything related to my question. If I missed something similar or lack a basic understanding on the usage of the program, apologies!

Thanks, everybody.


The only way to do this is by moving the play head.

Thanks for the info. Would it make sense to add this to the feature request list? I think this would really help in navigating within a clip.

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