Clip or transition duration?

How can I see the duration of the clip or transition in the timeline?

For a clip.
Select tte clip. Press c to copy. Select the source tab.

Do the same for a transition.



@shotcut, how about having the indications that those numbers on the right are the “In Point” and “Selected Duration” written right under each rather than having them only appear as a dialog box when the mouse is placed on them? Most people will not realize what those numbers are about as they don’t have anything written on them.

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Thanks. @sauron
Interesting. I think this method is not valid for picture clips.
I think there is a complexity in this case.
The duration of the selected clip or transition must be written to the right of the video duration.

They are not in a dialog box but rather a toolbox, and, no I will not add labels here.

Yes, there is but you already suggested adding it to Properties, but I am first going to explore adding a tool tip to the timeline clips.

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