CK background disappears after export as mp4

Hello, I can edit, Chroma Key backgrounds, etc. No problem there. However, when I open and play exported mp4 the background is gone, replaced with a bright white background. Don’t know if its a video settings issue somewhere or…antiquated equipment. I’m working with an older computer. Any help is appreciated. Thanks,

This is the exact thing, you are exporting in mp4, which doesn’t support alpha (transparency) channel, you would need to export in .mov to get transparency.
See one of the best tutorial bellow:-

Thank you so much for quick reply. You’re right, the tutorial vid is excellent, unfortunately, it didn’t solve my problem. Mtl file is exactly what I want, but after export to .mov or .mp4 the backgrounds disappear. Quality really goes to crap with .mov conversion. Not sure what to do from here. Thanks

Chroma Key only works with 1 layer to export a transparent video background such as this video:
Need to export with an alpha export preset.

Depending up on the browser, it should show a red background, with white lettering.


This is what I used.

To use this video with a transparent background, you need to have it on V2.
No filters on either clip.

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