Chroma mis-aligned with luma

Hello all
I am from Germany and speak German so dont be bewildered of my english,
I want to cut a Minecraft Video for my Youtube Channel , but all is twice and the colors are not right.
Please Help me.

Can you post a screenshot please?

Sure but i can it on my PC tomorrow i Just at my tablet and how do i it?

Here is the Screenshot:


I don’t see what is in double.
Do you have GPU activated.
Try to cut 10 sec, add to a track and export. Verify the size of video. And make it match.
Are colors ok?
Last version ? Windows 10?

Looks like a render issue with ghosting of some other RGB footage from the video ram in it.
Maybe you only need to close Minecraft bevore using Shotcut to get rid of that ghosting, could be that they share the same memory cluster?

Snafu nope i ever closed my games before i cut.
Keno i have version windows 10 and habe much times reinstalled Shotcut everytime Windows 64bit.
I try now that what you say#
Colors dont ok when you see all is green red but not the right color
I did what you say and when i have export it and try to watch it black screen :confused:
The problem is with the Program not with my recording program when i play it without shotcut all is right but when i put it in shotcut all green red double and more.
Its too not my pc problem
Need help :frowning:

Need Help Please :frowning:
Have no result

Turn off Einstellungen > GPU-Verarbeitung.

Thanks you help me much.
Again Thanks i am so Happy