Children's news - what happened during 2020

We make various short films with my children, this is an overview of the year we created as a New Year’s Eve program. Everything, including logo animations in 13 seconds is created using shotcut.


Správy JTVS (link to youtube)


Nicely done - news style :slight_smile:
Is this czech language? Unfortunatly i dont understand…

Brilliant and the special effects are well done. I really like the finishing credits as well.

My Slovenian is extremely rusty, my family and I went to Slovenia skiing some years ago and loved it, so I asked that nice Mr. Google to translate , here is what he told me:

You can look forward to interesting reports, investigations, comments from politicians, sports and the weather. The team of adventurers is small in number, but the reports emphasize quality and engaging topics. Whatever your focus, whether you are a lathe operator, an independent rapper or a member of the management of a multinational banking institution, the reports of Jankova Television Station JTVS are exactly what you need to see.

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Very close @RilosVideos :slightly_smiling_face: it’s in slovak / Slovakia “unofficial” news :sweat_smile:

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I am sorry for mistaking your nationality. I do hope it is not as bad as calling a Scotsman an Englishman :slight_smile:.

I saw the reference to Slovenská Republika in the “report” and assumed it that meant “Slovenian Republic” but of course it is the “Slovak Republic”, the “Slovenian Republic” is called Republika Slovenija, as you can appreciate, an easy mistake for a non-native to make. Apparently there is a popular myth that the Washington embassies of the two countries meet up to swap their misaddressed mail once a month.

A few years ago the BBC had an article about the confusion:

Anyway this doesn’t detract from a very well made video - I look forward to see more.

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