Cheating to fit an MP3

I’d be happy to accept a indistinguishable change in pitch if i could find a small app that, for example, stretches 9 min MP3 to, say, 9:15 seconds. Does this exist? If it already exists within ShotCut, forgive me.

This is possible in Shotcut by changing the Speed in the clip Properties panel:

But it requires some math to get the exact duration you are looking for.
9 minutes = 540 seconds
9:15 minutes = 555 seconds
Speed = 540 / 555 = 0.973

Set the speed in the clip properties and the duration will be changed to match:

You can check the “Pitch Compensation” box if you would like Shotcut to adjust the pitch. For some types of audio, the pitch compensation adds some echo effect and it is better without. Try it and decide for yourself.

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Thank you so much. I should explore more. One suggestion: a method similar to initially suggested with snippet audio comparisons. Cheers.

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I should add your suggestion worked a treat. Nobody could ever pick that a movement from a Brandenburg concerto is just .01% quicker than normal.

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