Changing Volume Between Audio Tracks

Hi there,
Ive watched many tutorials and searched the forum but cant find the answer to my problem. I have a video track (which has no sound), i then have an audio track playing music and finally i have a second audio track which is just my commentary (through a microphone recording). The problem is the 2nd track audio cannot be heard above the 1st music audio track. Is there any way to reduce volume?

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Add the Gain/Volume filter to the 1st audio track (music). Lower the volume until you can hear the commentary on audio track 2.


Thank you so much. I actually discounted the Gain Volume filter because i thought it only allowed the track to “gain” volume being the opposite of what i wanted. Thank you!

You might want to try the following tip:


Wow @samth that’s really helpful advice - fantastic support

My pleasure. But the tip is not mine, @Austin deserves your praise.

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