Changing the background colour in new project

Hello there everyone

Being new on the forum, I’d like to says hello warmly to the community!

I have been using shotcut for quite a while and my current version is 22 11 25.

When I am on the time line and leave a space between two parts the colour black appears by default.

However I have been placing photos on a mauve background in GIMP and would like now to have this very same colour #55007f as default under all my tracks.

Is that possible and how do I go about it?

Many thanks for your help


Hello @JeanA4,
I believe this describes almost exactly what you are after:

With one caveat; you will need to place the track with the color clip at the bottom, and have your photos on the track(s) above. Note, in the video he references the custom option, which is what you will need to use when choosing your color clip.

Thanks a lot, most interesting.


You are most welcome. If you ever get stuck or want to learn more, in addition to this forum (where the members are very friendly and helpful) there are some very good tutorials here:

Yes, I have browsed through this treasure trove already. As we say in French, une vraie mine d’informations !


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