Changing framerate 25->50 causes cutting length of the video clips

The “out” offset was considered and written in code. I gave you a quick example to easy to read and understand. The actual time calculation and conversion in my code were much more complicated.

Actually, in the earlier version, if I create a project using 1000fps, the subtitle mlt can be accurate to each millisecond, in and out.

The difficult part is, for a video mode eg 23.98fps, each frame is 0.04170141784820684 seconds, after a minute, you don’t know where the out is.
That’s where I find it strange after dozens of tests: eg, a frame is 66.66666666…milliseconds, sometimes Shotcut uses 66.6666, sometimes it uses 66.6667, but it definitely not use 66.66666 nor 2/3.

This is incorrect. In .mlt file, timeline is defined by “playlist”, normally it will looks like:
In: 0.000 Out: 0.960
In: 0.000 Out: 0.960
In: 0.000 Out: 0.960

If something like: “In: 1.000 Out: 1.960” is used, meaning you are using the source video between time 1.000 to 1.096 second.

But now you see where the drift is from. If the timeline is “In: 0.000 Out: 0.961” by wrong calculation, or user simply changed the framerate, the total timeline will drift by a lot.

I have a very simple and obvious idea.
Why do not just store the lengths and out in frames BUT also store the frame rate of the each clip in in MLT format?
Something like this

Shortcut can dynamicaly calculate the current timestamp of the each frame in clip regardless of the the frame rate of the project.
In this case the changing frame rate of the project will work correctly regardless if I have mixed 25i + 50p clips in one playlist.

Is it possible to deinterlaces only selected clips in the project?
I have the mixed lit 25i + 50p. And I’d like to denterlace only selected 25i clips using video filter.
I’ve looked for the “deinterlace” filter in the video filter list, but haven’t found any :(.

This already happens automatically.

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