Changing a sign on a door

Okay, I’m not really looking for a full blown howto here as this is probably way outside the norm. What I want to do is this:

A piece of film with a glass door swinging closed: I want to remove the old sign and replace it with a title credit. What I’m looking for are any general suggestions that someone may have as I have been using shotcut for three days and have no prior experience with software video editors. I have used video switchers/mixers to compile video in the past, so I just need a little pointer or so to stimulate the thought process.

Thanks in advance.

It’s a real challenge to change a sign on a fast moving door.

It would be an advanced skill and I’m not sure who would try it. I’m not at that skill level.

I’d hazard a guess to say it would be easier to reshoot the door with the correct sign then put that through VFX to get something looking close.

Or maybe use Blender.

Or perhaps see if you can find some stock-footage on a video-library that’s close.

You can try the Corner Pin filter.
Your door clip on track V1
Your title on track V2 with the Corner Pin filter. Use keyframes to follow the movement of the door.

EDIT: Quick DEMO. I made this in like 5 minutes and it doesn’t look good. The real thing would take a lot more time.


The shotcut program does not have a motion tracker, which is why you will have to position the new label frame by frame and manually. If your task is time-critical, then shotcut is unlikely to help.

That demo is kind of cool. Worst case, use that to create the rough then clean up the bad frames.

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