Change Duration of Transition afterwards

It would be really great to change the duration of a transition after it was once applied.

I know, the workaround is to delete the transition and start all over again. However, a modern UI should IMHO also allow to update such things later on.

I could also imagine to do this with a filter which affects either the beginning (and the previous clip) or the end (and the following clip). Would have also the advantage of doing it in a playlist-only project.

Hi @snowmen

You can change the duration of a transition


You can also often drag the left edge of a transition too. It depends on there being additional footage in the source before the starting point, of course. You can alternate between changing the left and right edges to fine-tune it. You can also use two video tracks with overlapping clips and filters on usually the upper video.

Thank you both. Was an issue in front of the monitor. :slightly_smiling_face:

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