Change clip length and keep animations proportional to new duration

Hi, is there in Shotcut any way to change the length of the clip but keep all the set animations proportional to the new length of the clip?

Let’s say I have a 1 second clip in the V1 video track, where I set the rotation for keyframes in “Size, Position and Rotate” filter from 0 (first frame) to 180 (last frame). Later I would like to “stretch” this clip for 5 seconds. Now, from last frame of first second my clip will remain “upside down” with rotation set to 180.
Is it possible to keep the animation proportional when changing the length of the clip by turning on some function, or some keyboard shortcut, or setting the filter (an excellent option would be to set a particular filter proportional to the length of the clip)? So if the clip was 5 seconds long, would the animation run slower and rotation 180 occur in the last frame of 5th second?

I understand that this can cause problems with some data being lost, for example, when reducing the length of a clip from 30 frames to 5, for example with 10 keyframes, but it could certainly be solved somehow, I just don’t know if there is such an option somewhere in the Shotcut.


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