Can't seem to post a suggestion

I’ve got a really good suggestion but can’t seem to post it in suggestions. The button’s gray and the cursor changes to a corssed out sign

What do I need to to to post?

5 posts required before you can make a suggestion. Have you searched on the forum to ensure that the feature doesn’t already exist in Shotcut or that the suggestion has already been… suggested?

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I have, and apparently no one else feels the need for these features

and thanks!

Have you read the roadmap for the future and/or possible implementation of new functionalities?

There was a flurry of messages on the forum posting suggestions for existing Shotcut features.

What is your suggestion ?
Tell us in the form of a question, so it won’t look like you’re posting in the wrong category :shushing_face:
(Something like: Does Shotcut have this cool feature that I’ve been thinking about ? )

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