Can't see 3 videos or more when adjusting size and position?

I wanted to sync 5 videos at once - 1 at the middle and the other 4 at the corners - but once I started to play 3 videos at once, all at different positions, the 1st and 2nd video I had set up were gone from the preview screen. When I hid the 3rd video’s video track, the 1st and 2nd video appeared again and worked just fine.
I had thought it was just a preview problem and exported to check, but even the exported mp4 showed the same thing. I tried reinstalling, didn’t work. I tried with pictures, it works. I tried it with other videos, it works.
Does Shotcut really not allow split screen after Video Track 4?

Appears you have V1 hidden and you have the rest of the tracks muted.
(With tracks above V1 have Blend Modes set to “Over”, which is default set when adding a video track)

Unhide V1
Use filter on the clip on V1: “Alpha Channel: Adjust
Select “Invert

There are numerous ways to achieve this without the filter, but this is the quickest.

And without the alpha filter. (I added color & blur filters to V1 just for this post)

Ah it works! Thanks!

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