Can't save my project

Hello !
I may have a problem when it comes to saving my project. I simply press the “save” button and, Shotcut actually doesn’t save it anywere… I tried with “save as” and select my current project and it doesn’t do anything either… (I mean that in my file where I should see the update on my project, with the date and time informing when I save it, I see nothing but my first saving, at the time when I started the project)
The only situation where Shotcut actually saves my modifications on the project is when I rename it, so it creates another file (*.mlt) with this new name.
Can someone help me ?
I don’t want to export it, just save the project and its new modifications :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

Does it report an error in the middle of the screen a few seconds after you click save?
After you try to save and observe no update, click View > Application Log, go to the end and look for interesting messages. You can post them here.
Try saving to a location that is not synced to the cloud or automatically backed up.

Hi, I am new to shotcut and using version 20.07.11 including WebVfx.js as explained in this tutorial: I thought I would have the same issue but after checking in detail it turned out that the new changes were not visible after restarting shotcut because the new additional tracks are not shown after the restart because the layout changes a bit after restart. So I changed the layout to display the added tracks again and now I can see my changes. So changes are saved in my case even if the time or date of the project file do not change. Regards, Max

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