Can't reduce vid lenght

I have a bit of knowledge in video editing but I’m very new to this software and there is something i can’t understand.
After recording a 45min gameplay i imported it into shotcut. I’ve cut some pieces and synchronize the audio just fine. But even if i have less than 10 min of images now, the vid lenght is still the same (45min). When i cut part and snap them together the duration of the project stay the same and i cant figure why…

If all of this doesn’t make any sense, here is a screenshot of the thing you’ll see my problem :wink:
shotcut screenshot

Any help will be much appraciate. I do apologize for my english, it’s not my first langage.
Thx for reading me

You’ve got more video on V1. (Army green color)
Probably just 1 frame.
Right click on the green, Remove.

One frame at full zoom.

Oh you are absolutly right it was almost impossible to see without the zoom at 100%…
Thank you for the quick answer !
Have a good one :slight_smile:

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