Can't open the program on iMac

Hello, I have used Shotcut for many years on a Windows laptop (thank you for the free program, btw!), and later I shifted to an iMac pga. size problems (program froze on diff. Windows laptops).

Anyway, the program worked fine on the iMac, but now I have to use another iMac (10.10.5), and this time I can’t open the downloaded file (I tried with all four versions availble).

Every time I get the message “no mountable file systems”. I have googled this message and tried different “things”, such as open the download url via the terminal. That didn’t work.

Any suggestions what to do?

Kind regards, Ingunn Borren

Shotcut - Frequently Asked Questions

This macOS requirement changed with version 22.03.30.

You would need to use version 22.01.30 or prior versions of Shotcut.
The version numbers represent the date released YY.MM.DD.

Ah, thank you for your quick reply! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello again, I tried Mac 22.01.30 and the version before that, but I still get the same message “no mountable file systems” for the iMac 10.10.5. It’s not my computer, so I have no charge of upgrading it.
Do you have any suggestions which version should work?

Regarding Windows. I tried downloading the last version for 2021 because the last time I could use Shotcut on Windows was in December. I have both a 4 and a 8 GB availble, but they both freeze. I think it came after a Windows update if I remember correctly. Anyways, do you have any suggestions for which version I should try downloading? I tried doing all the “minimizing”, proxy files, etc., but it doesn’t work (plus it’s time consuming).

Thank you for your time!
Kind regards, Ingunn

The release notes for version 20.09.27 states:

This is the last version to support 32-bit Windows and macOS 10.10 and 10.11.


The release notes for the following version states;

  • Upgraded Qt to version 5.15.1 on Linux and Windows and version 5.12.9 on macOS.
    As a result, the minimum macOS version is 10.12.

Great - thank you for your quick reply! :slight_smile:

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