Can't make Presets on "Size, Position & Rotate"

Hello all thx for reading this.

Each time I try to SAVE a preset on " size, position& rotate" Shotcut just makes a “donk” noise * I am unable to save a preset. Please help thx!

Sorry if this has been covered.

I just tried it on version 20.11.28 and it works fine. What version are you using, on what OS? Also, is there any error message concerning this in your logfile?

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I have 21.02.27 didn’t realize there was a newer version. How do I make it so that Shotcut automatically updates to the newest version each time? Thx for the help​:heart::slight_smile::slight_smile:

I have version 21.02.27 too, on Windows 10. And I have no problem saving a new preset.


I will venture a guess:

  • That you are on Windows 10
  • That it actually Windows making the “donk”
  • That Windows security settings are preventing Shotcut from writing in the folder where Shotcut stores presets


ok, yes I have windows 10 so how do I avoid this? :thinking: I feel almost like it’s " donking" on me because when I try to move the footage on the player, it’s in “move” mode ( with the handle showing for moving & rotating) so it’s not allowing me to save a preset since it’s in " moving" mode? I wonder if I’m making sense to you guys… :grimacing: thx! :grin:

hahaha " donk!" :blush: :rofl:

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tysm! I will check it out :grinning:

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Are you running anti-virus software?
Presets are saved to the AppData folder. AV software may prevent you from saving presets.

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Yes I have anti virus software installed! How do I go around to give permit? Sorry if that’s a ridiculous question, computer challenged here Thx! :grinning: :grinning: :smile:

Try turning off Anti-Virus software then add a preset.
If you don’t want to turn it off, then contact support for that specific AV software.

Needs to access the following path.


TYTY :smile: :grinning:

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