Can't import video

So i have a problem , i can’t import videos , i’t puting the video in the software , i can play it and all the stuff , but i can’t put it in the timeline , sometimes where i have to put the clip is where in the upper part of the screent wile the timeline is in the lower part , some times I can put it corectly , but it does not show me how much space will it take in the time line . and this is bad cuz it may collapse with another video!

And another , unrealted thing , do i have to un install and reinstall with the new version shotcut?

ok so apparentl it does not show the mouse! but some times i have to figure out where shotcut thinks the timeline is , and some times it does not show boreders of the video so i have to figure out how much space does my video take in the timeline by blind guess the first time , and second by aproximations