Can't get Clip loaded into Playlist

Using now Shotcut 16.12 on my Mac with OS X 10.11.6 (ElCapitan), I was not able anymore, to load or drag a clip into the Playlist as long it was docked on. In the Playlist I always just saw the instruction but never the file.
After I closed the Playlist and re-opened it (undocked) I could finally drag from the Project window into there.
But as I know from earlier versions, it should be possible to load directly into the playlist.
Any suggestions about settings / ideas / help?
Thank you

Sorry for late reply

Correct me if I’m wrong, but are you trying to drag what appears in the project tab into the playlist?
Your issue might be that you’re trying to add what you see in the project player to your playlist timeline, which wouldn’t work because it would be like trying to add it to itself.

Or if that’s not the case, then it may in fact be a bug, but I cannot reproduce it… Could you give more specific steps if the former is not true?

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Thank you for your suggestions.
In fact I couldn’t get anything into the playlist, even though I was following the video tutorial exactly.
So it also wouldn’t load into the playlist, using the command ‘open with’ - all as long the playlist was docked on.
Finally I reinstalled the app and now it works as expected. I am not able anymore to reproduce this, as well.
Thank you again for your support.