Can't get Center Bias cropping to work

I am new to Shotcut and have watched a few videos regarding cropping. I have a video that I want to cut off the edges and focus on the center of the screen. When I click the Center box and then move the slider for Center bias, nothing happens. But if I turn off Center and move the Top/Bottom/Left/Right sliders the cropping works.

I apologize if I missed something obvious, but I’m stuck.

Thanks for any help.

This is already the answer. I do have this effect, too but I don’t mind if it works for me.

Hi and welcome!

These Center and Center Bias parameters only work or make sense when the source aspect ratio does not match the project aspect ratio. In this case, it crops the source to fill the project frame. At this point the crop is equal amounts on opposing edges. Center Bias makes the cropping unequal so you can adjust. If the aspect ratios match, then you need to uncheck Center and use Top, Bottom, Left, and Right as you have noticed.

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