Cant drag and drop (Windows 10)

hi, While in Shotcut 19.10, i can drop it on the media player (center screen), then to drag it to timeline… but with 19.12.16, i cant drag and drop any files straight to Shotcut. not Player, not timeline, not even playlist…

im Using Desktop and Notebook (all Windows)

should i clear something else after i check “delete old files” and “clean install” at installation options?

I don’t think you ever could drop files directly into the timeline, but I could be wrong there.
Dragging files from file folders to timeline and playlist work fine for me.

Shotcut 19.12.16
Windows 10 (1909)

He is referring to dropping from file manager into, and you are correct about dropping directly into timeline. Anyone else have this problem while it works and continues to work in previous?

Update 1: it is working for me. What is your Settings > Display Method set to? Maybe there is something about your Shotcut UI layout that is causing a problem. You should try to reset it in the View menu and restart.

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