Can't delete first - running as administrator

Strange occurrence - still having trouble on my Windows 10 system with not being able to delete files after processing is completed and project is closed. Thought that perhaps running Shotcut as an administrator would make a difference. It did, but not what I expected. When running as administrator, I could not drop and drag files into Shotcut. They could still be accessed through the ‘open file’ menu or button, but could not be dropped into either the playlist or the project window. Since it didn’t fix the problem with files hanging and not deleting, I’ll probably not do this anymore, but thought you should know in case administrative rights might cause other problems.


As an update to this post about not being able to delete files removed from the playlist - I find that if files are dropped into the playlist with proxy mode enabled that I never have a problem deleting the files after the proxy has been removed from the playlist.


You often need to close twice because some panels are still holding references to the files. That is something that needs improving.

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