Can't create text box longer than ~4:05

Windows 10

I can’t seem to create a text clip longer than around 4 minutes. I restarted Shotcut and created a new project to troubleshoot the problem. I click ‘Open Other’ on the toolbar and click ‘Text’ and create that, then drag that into the timeline. When I try to drag the right side of the clip so that the clip length surpasses 4 minutes, it stops and won’t continue dragging. I also tried to do this with the ‘Colour’ clip under open other, but still the same result. Any ideas as to how to fix it?

The maximum duration of a text or color clip is 10 minutes.


If you can’t extend the duration of a text or color clip on the timeline.

Open the text clip in the source viewer. Set the playhead at the duration you want. press o for out point. The blue strip is the duration of the text clip… Copy the clip and paste it into the timeline. Or drag and drop the clip on the timeline.


You can do the same for color clips.


The max duration my source viewer shows for new text clips is 04:10

I can’t extend the length of the clip past that, whether in the source viewer or the timeline.

That is very strange. I have no idea why the duration is 4:10.

The max duration of some producers is 15000 frames, which means it depends on your Video Mode frame rate. This is not a limitation of the Text filter. You can apply the Text filter to a video clip if you want it to can go much longer. I can do what I have done for still images, and set the max duration of these to 4 hours. Anything longer really hinders the usability of these clips in the Source player trim controls.

Ah alright. If anyone happens to stumble across this page with the same issue, for now I’ve worked around it by adding a transparent image and adding text on top of that instead.

This is fixed for the next version 19.06.

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