Can't access transitions

Greetings. I just love Shotcut, but cant access the transitions. I have no Issues with accessing the filters. When I drag one clip over an another I get the transitions box between the two clips. I double click the transition box and click onto properties and only get metadata about the clip. I watched the YouTube tutorials and this is the method I was shown. As I doing something wrong ? Or is there a bug ? Thanks in advance for your help. Marv

Click the track head THEN go back and click the transition marker.

Its very often for beginners to have problems with finding transition properties. If you:

  1. Add two clips on timeline and overlap them to create transition.
  2. Click on transition and only clip properties are always shown

It can be solved by clicking on different object and then go back, but if you dont know it, its a problem.

It would be cool to solve it in future.
But of course its not the most important thing.

Many thanks Shotcut developers :slight_smile:

Hi, ik this is totally off topic, but I really need to solve this, and I think it is a bug in the program -
So I add in a png picture in V2 track, and where its supposed to be transparent, its black, so it doesnt show the transparency, and it is really annoying, so can you possibly tell me a solution or work really hard to bring out a new version of shotcut before next release??
Many thanks, Lucas

Best not to hijack a thread, better to start a new topic.

This is fixed for v17.11 due in a few days.

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