Can't Access A Folder

On the most recent version (21.12.24) I get an error when trying to make a new project in a specific folder and I get a warning that I may not have permission to access that folder. Any recent projects I have in the same folder that I am trying to make this project in open to a white display on the video preview. Directly opening from the .mlt file in the folder opens to the same result making the desired folder effectively useless to shotcut.
In this case I cannot make or open any projects within my videos folder or any folder within this folder.
I can make projects on other folders within the same drive and I don’t seem to have any limitations on any other drives.
How can I re-allow access to this specific folder.

I have not changed any permissions to this folder through the windows file explorer.

Thanks for any help.


Perhaps turning off Anti-virus programs.

It works for me just fine.

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