Can we get a Lock Layout?

Lock Layout
at the moment, it seem to change a a little bit every time i start the application, so i have to tweak it back every single time… small annoyance thats get super annoying quick

Can you show before and after screenshots? And which OS are you using?
I’ve never had this happen (on W10)

Win10 x64
Shotcut 17.01.02

Same here.
But I can’t repeat your screens. If I drag the timeline to a new height, it remains there after closing and re-opening. Same with any other UI layout adjustment. (Mine is set to • Automatic under Settings>User Interface>Display Method)
Have you tried right-click>Run as Admin?

Have the same problem, tried everthing, work with win10-64

I wonder what I’m doing different to not have this problem at all. ?

I’m experiencing the same issue on Win10 32/64bit (version 20.06.28).
Admin rights, or defaulting all other UI settings didn’t help.

It’s barely an inconvenience, but lock & save UI are functions one would expect to have.