Can´t open exported mp4 file after changed directory

Hello everybody,

I hope u have a great day.
Since some days I have a problem and I hope you guys can help me.

I cut a hiking/climbing video with a earlier version (i guess 17.03 was in June-2017) and it had problems with the audio (after export audio was not syncron with video).
I tried various but I after that I decided to wait until latest version and try it again.
Some days ago I downloaded shotcut version 17.08 and tried again. And what should I say … it worked now! Great!

So after export I checked the file and noticed everything is fine.
Cus of that and cus I had less space on my HDD I decided to delete the original videos (GoPro if this helps) and just keep the final video which I cut.

Then durig the process of getting more space I decided to reorganise my whole videos and moved/changed the direction of all final videos.
At the moment when I wanted to upload the final video on dropbox i noticed that ther is no thumbnail. I clicked on the video but it didnt start. Only a infobox with more infomation on web help.

And my problem is now that i cant open (or dont know how to repair) this video which is very important to me cus i deleted all original data.

The file has a size of 4,02 GB, mp4, duration 32.04 min

My Computer has 16 GB of RAM, i5, index something between 6,6 to 7 in total

What I figured out so far with MediaInfo program is that it looks like that there is information missing.
I got wrong parameter info 0x80070057 (i googled that but couldnt find much help with this error in link to mp4 or video data problems)

What I also figured out is that there is no encoding settings information in the file, no GOP info also and no writing libary, and compression mode.

So what do u think guys? is there a chance to repair my file?? =/

thanks in advance for help, if u need any additional information let me know

I’m not sure this is a Shotcut related issue.
You appear to be saying that your final exported file was fine when you checked but has since become corrupted as a result of re-organizing your files on your HDD?

This appears to me to be a result of either bad sectors on your HDD or flaky RAM.

You could try recovery via Shadow copy?

thanks for your quick answer and the link!

I will try the link soon.
I guess you are right, cus it worked at least once.
I post it here cus I hope here are the pros with the video background who have the experience which is needed to give experienced advise.
I uesed the search function but couldnt find any similar case. I will try the link and give feedback soon.

thanks in advance.

Result: unfortunately the function was not activated (I guess of space issues) … so there is no version to recover.

But thanks for letting me know this feature … it shows me to do this for the future and also solve my space issues soon.